Summer RPG Camp

Hello… Hello   ?  Is anyone still out there in internetland?

Well, I’m back to trying to keep this blog up to date (Not sure if anyone is still following it, though).  I had a not so short hiatus from running the club, and then started up in January of this year with a Fate based Sword and Sorcery campaign of my own design, and  a Savage Gamma World conversion of the old Alpha Factor module.  These were great fun to run, and the kids had a blast.  Based on the success of these, I’m planning to run a couple of summer gaming camps.  Each camp will run from Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 5:00, giving us about 20 hours of gaming for each camp.  For the first camp, I plan to run a Numenera adventure called The Devil’s Spine.  For the second camp I’m waffling between more Numenera adventures or a Savage Worlds adventure yet to be decided. I’m looking for something that is low prep and that will have a coherent beginning, middle and end – I’m just not a fan of random adventures.

I was really caught by surprise, as I had ten spots open, and in a matter of two days they are almost all filled (I have one opening left).  The camps will be running from July 14-18, and 20-25.  I have a few weeks to plan, I guess.  While I won’t have any adventures to report for a few weeks, I’ll try to pop in from time to time with updates on how my prep is going.

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    I’m still reading.

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