Hello… Hello   ?  Is anyone still out there in internetland?

Well, I’m back to trying to keep this blog up to date (Not sure if anyone is still following it, though).  I had a not so short hiatus from running the club, and then started up in January of this year with a Fate based Sword and Sorcery campaign of my own design, and  a Savage Gamma World conversion of the old Alpha Factor module.  These were great fun to run, and the kids had a blast.  Based on the success of these, I’m planning to run a couple of summer gaming camps.  Each camp will run from Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 5:00, giving us about 20 hours of gaming for each camp.  For the first camp, I plan to run a Numenera adventure called The Devil’s Spine.  For the second camp I’m waffling between more Numenera adventures or a Savage Worlds adventure yet to be decided. I’m looking for something that is low prep and that will have a coherent beginning, middle and end – I’m just not a fan of random adventures.

I was really caught by surprise, as I had ten spots open, and in a matter of two days they are almost all filled (I have one opening left).  The camps will be running from July 14-18, and 20-25.  I have a few weeks to plan, I guess.  While I won’t have any adventures to report for a few weeks, I’ll try to pop in from time to time with updates on how my prep is going.

Day 13

The day we went to Avia.

            We went to Avia and Hawkeye visited his mom. After that we started going up to king Throx’s perch (Palace) with some Bird Man guards with white feathers in their helmets. On a very narrow branch some Bird man guards with black feathers in their helmets attacked us! While I was fighting, I heard (and saw) lots of clumsy evil Bird Men, or they just liked bonking their heads, any way after the fight, White Bird Men came and after we told them what Rrouge-Ja saw they told us to make Craw stop mind controlling king Throx. We went to the kings’ perch and then Craw told really powerful Bird man guards to attack us! Somebody hurt Craw really badly. Spikes came up and hurt my feet. After the fight, Craw gave us heck for not letting him take over Avia and flew away!

Last week I was unavoidably detained from making it to the gaming club on time.  I ended up having to cancel the session, so there are no updates for this week, except for the ones that I just posted from the previous week.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session as it should be quite different from what the kids are used to.

Hawk Eye and his team went to Avia after getting a laser sight as a reward for defeating a bad guy. At Avia, Hawk Eye went to his mom’s house. After that he and his team went to the king’s throne room and shot guards and a mean prince. Afterwards, we helped the king. He gave us alot of slips (money) and tea for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉


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