Day 13

The day we went to Avia.

            We went to Avia and Hawkeye visited his mom. After that we started going up to king Throx’s perch (Palace) with some Bird Man guards with white feathers in their helmets. On a very narrow branch some Bird man guards with black feathers in their helmets attacked us! While I was fighting, I heard (and saw) lots of clumsy evil Bird Men, or they just liked bonking their heads, any way after the fight, White Bird Men came and after we told them what Rrouge-Ja saw they told us to make Craw stop mind controlling king Throx. We went to the kings’ perch and then Craw told really powerful Bird man guards to attack us! Somebody hurt Craw really badly. Spikes came up and hurt my feet. After the fight, Craw gave us heck for not letting him take over Avia and flew away!

Last week I was unavoidably detained from making it to the gaming club on time.  I ended up having to cancel the session, so there are no updates for this week, except for the ones that I just posted from the previous week.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session as it should be quite different from what the kids are used to.

Hawk Eye and his team went to Avia after getting a laser sight as a reward for defeating a bad guy. At Avia, Hawk Eye went to his mom’s house. After that he and his team went to the king’s throne room and shot guards and a mean prince. Afterwards, we helped the king. He gave us alot of slips (money) and tea for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ;)


Our heroes quickly deciphered the Oracle’s vision as meaning that Crown Prince Boolar of Avia was in trouble.  They immediately headed to Avia – home of the Bird Men to discover what was wrong.  On Avia, Hawk Eye abandoned the party for a visit with his mother and some home cooked bird seed muffins.  The rest of the party asked around but were unable to find anything out.  Luckily, Hawk Eye’s mother knew someone who knew someone who could get them in to see King Throx.  The next day the party was escorted to see King Throx, but was ambushed by a squad of Black Feather Bird Men – supporters of Prince Craw.  After a wild fight, they were rescued by some of Prince Boolar’s supporters who told them that since Boolar’s abduction, Prince Craw had his father under the spell of some kind of mind control device.  The party then burst in on the throne room, and defeated Craw’s personal guard and freed King Throx.  After a hefty reward, the king begged the heroes to free his son from Anthraxa’s clutches.  The party now seems to have two goals – to save Simba from the Death Dust, and to save Prince Boolar from Anthraxa.

This was a fairly straight forward adventure, and the kids played it very well.  Some of the kids seem to be getting tired of all the large battles that their characters have been in, so my next adventure will hopefully be a little different.  I’ve found the last couple of adventures I’ve had to crack down and enforce more discipline on the group, I hope we can get past this.  It is a game and I want them to enjoy it, but when they get too wild or too argumentative I find it detracts from the experience – I hope to teach them that a little bit of rowdiness is OK, but to keep a lid on it so it doesn’t get too out of hand.


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